From Triumph To Tragedy In The NHL 
A Hockey Book, Written by Brad Lombardo
Profiling professional hockey players who died tragically and young, while still pursuing their big league dreams....


Detailed and reflective profiles on six NHLers who achieved career stardom before an untimely death....  

  • Chapter 1 - Bill Masterton 1938-1968
  • Chapter 2 - Terry Sawchuk 1928-1970
  • Chapter 3 - Tim Horton 1930-1974
  • Chapter 4 - Pelle Lindbergh 1959-1985
  • Chapter 5 - John Kordic 1965-1992
  • Chapter 6 - Steve Chiasson 1967-1999





















Book Reviews

Reviews of the book From Triumph To Tragedy In The NHL


Book Review - by Sal Barry

(source: page 8 of the November 23, 2015 issue of The Hockey News Magazine)


Were Sawchuk and Kordic doomed? Was there more behind Masterton's demise than just hitting his head?

WHEN A FORMER PLAYER passes away, the hockey community is saddened by the loss.  But when a player dies in the midst of his career, it cust much deeper. Over 160 pages, From Triumph To Tragedy In The NHL tells the stories of six players whose lives ended too early: Bill Masterton, Terry Sawchuk, Tim Horton, Pelle Lindbergh, John Kordic and Steve Chiasson.

First time author Brad J. Lombardo does an admirable job of handling such a heavy subject. The book is thoroughly researched and recollects each player's accomplishments, the events that led to their deaths and the aftermath.

The chapters on Sawchuk and Kordic are particularly strong. Lombardo details how both were already broken men by the time they reached the pinnacle of their careers. Their untimely demises seemed inevitable.

And while the much-told story about Masterton's death is that he hit his head on the ice after being checked by two opponents, Lombardo gives several accounts that suggest contributing factors.

Book Review - by Gabriel Tjordman (College Instructor, Dawson College, Montreal)

(Source: online review)

Sad pro hockey stories.... 

My friend Brad Lombardo has written a very cool hockey book - From Triumph To Tragedy In The NHL is truly a triumph in writing; the book takes an up close and personal look at six pro hockey players who died tragically and before their time, including legendary goalie Terry Sawchuk and the iconic Tim Horton. 

Each of the six players is featured in a separate, very well documented chapter - these chapters are full of wonderful stories about their family lives and their playing days and, of course, their unfortunate deaths. The stories are well sourced, as reflected in the significant end notes.  There are even statistics on each player and the photos are pretty cool too!  The book is a great Sunday morning read - I enjoyed the story on ex-Hab John Kordic.


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