From Triumph To Tragedy In The NHL 
A Hockey Book, Written by Brad Lombardo
Profiling professional hockey players who died tragically and young, while still pursuing their big league dreams....


Detailed and reflective profiles on six NHLers who achieved career stardom before an untimely death....  

  • Chapter 1 - Bill Masterton 1938-1968
  • Chapter 2 - Terry Sawchuk 1928-1970
  • Chapter 3 - Tim Horton 1930-1974
  • Chapter 4 - Pelle Lindbergh 1959-1985
  • Chapter 5 - John Kordic 1965-1992
  • Chapter 6 - Steve Chiasson 1967-1999





















About The Author

Born 1961 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Brad Lombardo moved with his family to southern Spain in the mid-1970s. He returned to his hometown in 1980 and enrolled at the University of Windsor, graduating with a General B.A. in Spanish and an Honors B.A. in International Relations. After receiving a Master's degree in Political Science from McGill University, he moved to Toronto in 1990, where he briefly worked in television before completing his Bachelor in Education at the University of Toronto. He currently works as a high school teacher and resides in the GTA with wife Margaret and daughter Vanessa.


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