From Triumph To Tragedy In The NHL 
Brad Lombardo
From Triumph To Tragedy is a book which profiles the lives and deaths of six National Hockey League players, all of whom died while still pursuing their pro ice hockey careers.  Inquiries may be emailed directly to the author:
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Profiles on the lives, careers and untimely deaths of six NHLers  


  • Chapter 1 - Bill Masterton 1938-1968
  • Chapter 2 - Terry Sawchuk 1928-1970
  • Chapter 3 - Tim Horton 1930-1974.
  • Chapter 4 - Pelle Lindbergh 1959-1985
  • Chapter 5 - John Kordic 1965-1992
  • Chapter 6 - Steve Chiasson 1967-1999





















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