From Triumph To Tragedy In The NHL 
A Hockey Book, Written by Brad Lombardo
Profiling professional hockey players who died tragically and young, while still pursuing their big league dreams....


Detailed and reflective profiles on six NHLers who achieved career stardom before an untimely death....  

  • Chapter 1 - Bill Masterton 1938-1968
  • Chapter 2 - Terry Sawchuk 1928-1970
  • Chapter 3 - Tim Horton 1930-1974
  • Chapter 4 - Pelle Lindbergh 1959-1985
  • Chapter 5 - John Kordic 1965-1992
  • Chapter 6 - Steve Chiasson 1967-1999





















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Photographs courtesy of the D.K. (Doc) Seaman Hockey Hall of Fame.

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Steve Chiasson, Dave Sandord/Hockey Hall of Fame

Pelle Lindbergh, O-Pee-Chee/Hockey Hall of Fame

John Kordic, Paul Bereswill/Hockey Hall of Fame

Terry Sawchuk, O-Pee-Chee/Hockey Hall of Fame

Bill Masterton, Graphic Artists/Hockey Hall of Fame

Tim Horton, Imperial Oil, Turofsky/Hockey Hall of Fame

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